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"but theBG's guns & ammo has no problem striking us down like the Hammer of Thor?.....” SEEKER TWO

“A wide majority of people hit with handgun ammunition survive, as do significant numbers of those hit with rifle and shotgun fire. If you're alive enough to know you were hit, you are alive enough to choose survival: stop the bad guy so he doesn't hit you again, then stanch your bleeding and walk/limp/crawl/drag yourself to a phone where you can call for help. Stay awake and alert until help arrives.

Don't quit. Don't teach others to quit.” PAX

“Seeker you are 100% right, I've said so over and over again, in this forum. As someone who has actually seen the effects of a GSW on a person (Retired nurse) it takes a lot to incapacitate a determined human.
Sometimes only the catastrophic loss of blood is enough and death is the reason for the incapacitation. We used to look at at each other after we would see really severe trauma's from any source and ask ourselves how they even made it to us alive let alone pulled through.
This was not at all unusual. Here is a useful fact to add to this though, the ones who remained conscious and fought for life seemed to be able to take far more damage and live.” SCRUBCEDAR

“On the "good guy" side we have the example of LAPD Officer Stacy Lim who was shot in the chest with a .357 Magnum and still ran down her attacker, returned fire, killed him, survived, and ultimately was able to return to duty.” FRANK ETTIN

If I had any inclination to be a thief, I would run for political office, change the laws and become a legal thief, white collar crime beats violent crime any day of the week.

Unless I was a psychopath, as a thief, I would not want to hurt anyone as it would increase my jail time if caught and I definitely would not want to be hurt, so faced with an armed citizen I would get out of there or give up, however what if you are dealing with a psychopath?

I cannot agree with Pax and ScrubCedar more, the will to live is one of the strongest human drives, don’t ever give up, and I thank Frank Ettin for the info on Stacy Lim, she was incredible as was the other Medal of Valor stories of our Brave Law Enforcement Personnel.

While not civilian, here is a link to You Tube to a Good Guy who never gave up, every American who Loves their Freedom should watch it at least once, after President Reagan’s speech told in his own words, Green Beret Medal of Honor Roy Benavidez, unless you shut down the central nervous system or the heart, determined humans can take an incredible amount of punishment.
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