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The main takeaway is that - wait for it - bullets work about the same for the BG as the GG.

Beyond that, it goes something like this: "What do you propose to do to prevent yourself from getting shot/stabbed/clubbed?" If the answer to that question is some variation on "shoot him first" or "the first one to put accurate rounds on target wins!" ... you fail the exercise. Plenty of "inaccurate" hits to peripheral areas (femoral or brachial artery, for instance) have sent people to the morgue. Knowing that you plastered your opponent with 4 solid hits to the thoracic cavity (and then zapped him in the head) will be cold comfort to your widow and children in face of the fact that one of his "spray and pray" rounds tagged your carotid in the middle of the exchange.

Your gun is not a phaser, and it's not a deflector shield either.

The key to surviving an attack is to not get hurt. Being able to utilize your firearm with proficiency is only one piece of the puzzle, and arguably not the most important one.
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