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Maybe I wasn't clear.

I accept that I might get hit, but I won't allow myself to quit. If I am alive enough to know I was hit, I am alive enough to choose survival.

That's the mindset.

Of course, if you're not even alive or awake enough to know you were hit, that's a different thing. But I don't think it's helpful to tell people they have permission to just lay there and wait for rescue if they get hit. An overwhelming majority of those shot with handgun bullets survive, as do many of those hit by shotgun or rifle rounds. Equally, a surprising number of people who have survived extreme situations credit their mindset -- refusing to quit -- with their survival. That's the mindset I want for myself, and it's one I want to help other people reach.

Bottom line: I may get hurt. But if I have any say in the matter at all, I'm not going to just lie there and bleed. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get home safe to the people I love.

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