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SKS Slam Fire Fix

This past new year's I went out with my dad and several friends to enjoy some recreational shooting. I loaded my Norinco sks and when I pulled the bolt carrier back and let go it rattled off 4 rounds automatically about a foot in front of me. Long story short I've been doing some research and found that slam fire is pretty common with the quickly manufactured sks partly due to its free floating pin and shape. If anyone else is having this issue I suggest you take your rifle apart and look at your bolt assembly. If the tip of the pin is sticking out then you can be certain this is your main (not necessarily your only) issue. Remove and and clean at the very least. If this doesn't work I would look into sending it off to a place called Murray's Guns. If you check out their website it will give you a full explanation as to why this issue occurs and they offer an aftermarket firing pin. I just sent mine in yesterday so I will definitely repost when I receive my new pin and let you all know how it works. I can also post before and after pics as well.
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