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They profiled a gun used by “Baby Face” Nelson of the John Dillinger gang a Colt 1911 .38 Super converted to full auto with a fore grip and I believe a 20 round magazine
Interesting looking weapon. I would hate to be on the receiving end of that, but it looks far from easy to conceal. Why not a cut down rifle or shotgun? These guys were not overly worried about having illegal weapons..

P.s Don P, I like your train of thought. Some folks should remember, "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all."

There were some very early smokeless powders (nitrated wood pulp, and other things) that were being used in shotshells, such as Schultz's White Powder, but I suspect that their penetration into the marketplace at this time, especially in the west, was VERY low.
Mr. Irwin, if I remember correctly most of the accounts of the fight at the Ok coral mention how quickly the area was filled with “gun smoke,” I also believe that Holiday got his 10 gage into the fight early on. So it would be reasonable to believe that Holiday’s ammo was of the black powder verity.

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