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Il check that out thank you. Im pretty impressed with anything Steven Hunter attaches himself to.

Let me make a couple points about the tv showsbwe are discussing. Yes, they make mistakes, bad ones. But, they are entertaining people, and they are attacting people to the firearms world, or at least makeing our passion more acceptable and accesable to a wider audiance. People make mistakes about.details, Ive seen it in countless guj shops us walmart and kmart gun counters. Hell,.I had a.drill instructor ojce, a.Marine Staff Seargent,.who I asked the bullet and.poweder weights of the 5.56 round. His anwser? Its a gas operated weapon, not gun powder. Followed by me doing a lot of sweating lol. Ignore the goofy parts or the whol show, but cut them some slack, they mihht be good for us in the end. And yes, the daugjters are both cute lol
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