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kraigwy The standard 22 inch barrel on the M1A is all that's needed. It works quite well at 1000 yards................and that's with its iron sights.

KEEP THE ORGINAL FLASH HIDER: When using M118 at night, you have no detectable muzzle flash.

The M14/M1A doesn't need to be "tacticool" to work. Keep it simple and it will serve you well.
Listen to Kraigway, he has years of experience shooting the M1A accurately at long range.

Old school or modern "Tacticool" M1As are very accurate, research your options and make an informed decision.

Scoping an M1A is not as problematic as it once was, check out the CASM from M14.CA.
Use of a standard stock usually requires the addition of a cheek riser.
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