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Most "inaccuracy" in handguns is generated by the shooter.
I'm not going to argue with that!

But... IMO... when it comes to 1911's, it does make a difference how you define "stock." Somebody earlier listed a Wilson. Guns like that have almost nothing in common with standard mass produced 1911's. If you are going to stick to a GI or milspec type of gun, then lots of centerfire autos can outshoot them. (And I'm talking about in a Ransom Rest.)

Can the 1911 design be "tuned" by people who know what they are doing? Can they use extremely high quality parts when they put them together? Sure. The 1911 design benefits from over a century of gunsmith expertise. We've had a long time and lots of practice making them shoot well.

But I don't think any old school gunsmith would argue that the design has built in limitations. If you were going to start out with a clean sheet of paper to design a centerfire auto and accuracy was your primary objective, you wouldn't use the 1911 design as your foundation.

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