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Give these guys a call. With the storm it may be a few days before they are back up and running, but it will be worth the wait. Give them a budget and describe your needs.

They are super and will fix you up with the best scope you can get for your budget. They often have display models, discontinued models, etc., they can sell for quite a bit less.

They sold me a pair of these.

3 years ago for $250. Of course they have gone up in price about $100 since then and mine were a display model. Didn't hurt them a bit.

Don't get carried away with too many X's on your glass. 8X or 10X is about as much as is practical unless you are using a tripod.

The absolute best bargain are these.

But only in the 6X version. It is amazing that an $85 binocular is this clear and sharp. I know lots of guys who own these. I have 2 sets, keep one in the truck. If someone steals them i'm not out much. In fact someone did steal my 1st pair. Bought 2 more to replace those.
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