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Thanks for the comments. I am constantly amazed at the material out there for sale and I'm hardly referring to just ebay. While I did see a lot of very old firearms when I was little, I don't recall any that were what you would call fancy, although most of them were highly collectible. In fact the owners were mostly doctors and lawyers and other well off folks. Those Kentucky rifles, on the other hand, did tend to have very pretty wood. I lived in West Virginia and no doubt that meant that true "Western" firearms would have been relatively rare, including Plains rifles and the older lever actions. Maybe the lever actions were not so collectible at the time, which was about 55 years ago.

As far as mass produced articles go, I am surprised at how much unissued WWII and even WWI material is still around. They must have made lots of .45 magazine pouches.

Some things are very difficult to identify, even when it has been passed down in the family. My father-in-law, who passed away year before last, still had two flintlocks that belonged to one of his New York ancestors (not in great shape and anyway, they went to his son). He also had a leather flap-like device that came with them but which he had no idea what it was for. I believe it was the flap or cover for the saddle holsters, judging from the size and shape but unfortunately, there were no holsters.
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