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As someone who from time to time gets in the mood to sell just about anything that isn't bolted down on eBay, I'll chime in here.

The seller has a 100% postive feedback of 353. That feedback score is invaluable to that seller. As a seller I always keep in mind that it only takes one PO'd buyer to hand grenade my rating. Also, if the seller is accepting PayPal he/she also has to keep in mind that PayPal will step on your neck in an instant if someone accuses you of not being nice. Any buyer on eBay needs to do their due diligence BEFORE placing a bid on ANY item. Believe it or not, it is usually the buyers that turn out to be flakes on eBay, not the sellers. This seller appears very willing to communicate with qualified buyers.

The bottom line is: Caveat Emptor In truth, eBay probably isn't the proper venue to move something like this. I'd be more inclined to live auction it at an antique auction or take it to a show.
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