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Mike Irwin
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Sorry, gentlemen, we don't do board operations by petition here.

The moderators are selected to uphold Rich Lucibella's vision of what TFL is, and what TFL should be.

When, for whatever reason, the board is not fulfilling Mr. Lucibella's vision, steps are taken to correct any issues that are causing the incongruity, no matter how painful or unpopular they may be.

Edited to add:

Just so it's clear...

Yes, there have been numerous polls or discussions on various aspects of TFL at times in the past. The status of the old Politics board is one that jumps immediately to mind.

However, potential or actual disciplinary actions against members are not, never have been, and never will be, open for such a discussion. When and how a member is disciplined, up to the level of permanent ban, is a private matter between the moderators and that individual, and their status as a TFL member is not a subject for open discussion/debate.

For obvious reasons, closed.
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