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Well, I crawled out at 4:00 this morning and ended up in the forest just before sunrise. I saw not a single critter (apart from the ubiquitous mosquitos) anywhere. No woodpeckers, even, and they are ALWAYS active in the early morning. It was like a heavy blanket of humidity had simply squashed any critter activity of any sort.

Did see quite a few hog prints in areas that previously were deer. Not sure what that suggests, although I don't recall seeing hogs and deer in very close proximity...I wonder if the hogs have moved up further away from the bottom lands.

Ditz that I am, I had Archerandshooter's bag out last night, getting the gutting knife out of it. So this morning, trying to hurry and get out without waking the whole house, I ended up PUTTING MY SRH IN THE WRONG BAG. Yup. It sat in DH's bag peacefully doing nothing, while I, up at the woods an hour away, sat and cussed and discussed my sleepy stupidity. I did have my .45 and figured I'd go scouting and see what I could see at least, but as a hunting trip, it was not much.

Still, seeing a sunrise in the forest beats sleeping in and being awakened by the dogs barking

Front comes through tomorrow morning around nine. Depending on the rain that comes with, I may go back up there right after the frontal passage, or if there's too much rain for the roads to be safely driven (they're pretty muddy and slick back in the forest even today) I'll wait 'til the weekend.

Sigh. I DID manage to harvest, oh, another dozen mosquito bites....

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