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I've always used 2400 for reduced loads, but no reason Unique wouldn't do just fine.

"20 grains of 2400" will work in anything from .30-30 to .30-06, with any old bullet you want. Lead, jacketed, light or heavy...I've tried them all; .30-30, .30-40, .308, etc.

I've used this with a 169-grain lead gas-check in the '06. And, with "stray" jacketed bullets lying around the loading bench. The book says around 1,800 ft/sec or so for the gas check. No recoil to amount to a hill of beans.

Some such load in a .270 with the 100-grain oughta give around 2,200 ft/sec, just guessing.

Heck, load three rounds with 25 grains and the 130-grain bullet and try oit out. Best way...

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