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Last night, I was at a store. I spent a few minutes looking at people as they passed. Guy with a long jacket, Guy with baggy, droopy pants, woman in sweats, various other baggy clothing. The only people who were remotely evident were a couple guys with tucked polo shirts. In a couple cases, it took several seconds. Add in movement, darkness, other possible confusion situations.

The options are to just keep hammering at the chest, taking the few seconds it would take to stop the aggression, or to take a series of not necessarily effective shots.

Somebody can answer my next question. Would a series of taps to the chest be enough to stop him from shooting as the shots make impact?

Now, picture missed shots to the pelvis that only perforated soft tissues. Will that also be enough to put a bad guy down with an equal number of hits?

I don't really need to share my opinion, these are just a statement of my concerns.
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