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Perhaps someone with some medical knowledge can clarify ---talking about a kidney punch ,or shot to the kidney .The kidney is basically a filter but will a punch to the adjoining adrenal gland [ major hormone producer ] do the real damage???
The kidney are higher than the pelvis area we are talking about in this thread, Mete. The right kidney is, in most people, a shade higher than the left, and usually tucks up under the last rib or two a wee bit. The left usually is less covered by the ribs. The filtering capability is pretty advanced; the kidneys filter first, then reabsorb various materials and selectively excrete others, thus adjusting the excreted material in a very complex manner. They also play a very important role in regulating blood pressure. They receive a very substantial portion of the cardiac output, on the order of 25%, and have sensitive blood pressure sensors which trigger not only local constriction or relaxation of blood vessels, but the release of hormones that act throughout the body to regulate pressures.

The point of this screed is that both the blood supply and the nerve supply to the kidneys is pretty substantial. The adrenals, on the other hand, are fairly small, like almond sized or so, and although they have both nerve and blood supplies, neither is outsized for the size of the tissue. Their main on effect on the body is the hormones they put into the bloodstream: epinephrine (adrenaline) and the cortisone group of steroid hormones.

The effect of a punch or shot to the kidneys is much more likely to be due to the kidneys, back, and ribs, than to the adrenal glands. You could think of it as imitating a kidney stone in a very rough way, in that it would stimulate a lot of the same pain receptors.
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