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Originally Posted by dahermit View Post
Yeah, the post begs the question: What advantage does one see in using a wadcutter or semi-wadcutter seated backwards over a semi-wadcutter seated normally? Not satisfied with the holes in a paper target, or does the poster think that a flat nose will produce a better result in self-defence or hunting? In other words, why do it in the first place?
Kinda where I am at. Maybe years ago when availability and variety of bullets was not at the level they are now, one might have to use the old "turn the bullet around" trick within certain scenarios. Nowadays, there is such a variety of bullets out there readily available, why try to re-invent the wheel.......again?

Now if one casts their own bullets, cannot afford or does not want to buy another bullet mold and is seeking something that may incur a more serious wound channel for self-defense I could maybe understand, if......they could not afford or did not want to buy commercial bullets. IMHO, sending inappropriate bullets or bullets used inappropriately downrange, for no legitimate reason, is just a waste of good powder and primers.
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