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I’ve owned Glocks from Gens 3-5, at least a half dozen from each generation. I shoot the Gen 5 Glocks noticeably better than Gens 3 and 4, at distances closer than 25 yd as well. Now is this solely due to the Marksman barrel? There are other mechanical differences between Gens 3/4 and Gen 5, notably in the trigger. Practically speaking the Gen 5 has more of a rolling break that I tend to prefer (the trigger return spring is different as is the shape of the striker block). I’m not sure if the differences I see while shooting are due solely to the new barrel, the trigger, or some combination.

There have been some people that did ransom rest testing with Glock barrels from different generations (I think Omaha Outdoors is one). However, I don’t know of anyone that has tested say a half dozen barrels from each generation at the same time. I’m not sure one sample of each barrel is particularly conclusive.

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