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Personally, if I were in need of a new carry gun, then I wouldn't be concerned over the possibility of a generational update in the near future.

Generational updates to firearms are typically minor between two iterations, typically things which aren't even straight upgrades like changes in grip texture, finish, or aesthetics, maybe at best a marginally improved trigger pull that you'd have to shoot side by side to actually appreciate, and often making all the difference of an adequate trigger to a still adequate trigger with a slightly shorter, more audible reset.

Besides, you can typically make accurate guesses of what a generational update may include based on current trends, since most of the time firearms companies would rather play it safe by following said trends rather than risk losing money on innovations which may not catch on.
So yeah, unless you're interested in mounting an optic on your pistol or the possibility of it holding a couple more rounds in the magazine with no significant increase in length or thickness which could most likely just as well be achieved on current models with a Magguts kit, you can probably buy a new gun now and forget about a potential generational update offering new features you'd be interested in.
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