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At what a great promotion that was. I know many that took advantage of it, including myself. Lol, with all due respect I will not be listening to you for advice but thanks anyway. I do sinclerly hope you find contentment if the gun that you can actually like. As Far as Walthers trigger being the best? Best for whom? I find the Beretta and Kahr trigger to be the best. But that is best for myself, as many others hate any form of DAO. Regardless, I will stick with my own personal experience with my choice of firearms. Never have been into the most popular etc. With 6 Beretta's now and 15,000 rounds through one Nano alone I have found happiness. And same with 4 Kahrs. Sorry you do not approve.

By the way, When my son joined the Army National guard as a Combat Medic I wanted to get him a Sig 320. But the price tag was too much for my budget. I ended up getting the APX at half the cost with great quality and like in this video It is totally reliable. And He is extremely happy. And that is all that matters to me.

Honest Outlaw comparison.

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