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Having your animal processed commercially....

I've just found it's not worth the hassle and expense.
Particularly the expense.

That and you may not get your animal. I took 30 lbs of venison in to our local butcher to be ground and mixed 80/20 with beef tallow ...... after several weekly attempts to pick up my burger, only to be told "not ready yet" ... I went down and asked for my order. The guys at the counter wheeled out a giant cart of frozen 1 lb. deer buger packages, counted out 36 for me ..... it was take or leave it.

I grind my own now.

My best butchering tip (aside from sharp knives and a good steel) is a Sawz-all for quartering ...... get a new blade at the beginning of the season, and wash and dry it with your knives. Makes things SO much easier. Other than that, keep the meat clean and cold (below 40* but not frozen).
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