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Back when I first started reloading for AR's I was using a 15 year old Lee Turret with 10's of thousands worth of pistol rounds made on it, Lee dies, and Midway bulk bullets, never got more than .005 difference so I have no clue. That poor old Lee press by that time had so much slop in the linkage it rattled and I am fairly certain the seating die was seating on the meplat. if you are .050 is a lot of variance. I get .001 - .003 variance at the extreme when loading and seating at the range using a Lee hand press and a good seating die

I would start by checking to see if the die seating stem is seating on the meplat or the ogive. I just measured half a dozen Sierra 80's most difference was .002 on the meplat. Since a press will always stop at top dead center on the ram stroke the issue is either die, the bullet consistency or operator error
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