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I'm not sure what book you're reading but the REMINGTON FACTORY says the Magnum Marine and new "Tactical" models are all based on the Express model.

They have the same slightly rougher, less polished receiver, the same plastic trigger guard and other features as the Express.
The only difference is, the Magnum Marine has a plated finish over the rougher metal, and the addition of the extension.
The basic gun itself is still an Express, per Remington.

While all Remington 870's have the same "basic" specifications, the Express is their "budget gun" made to compete with the cheaper Mossberg and Winchester guns.

When Remington decided to make the Magnum Marine and later Tactical models, they based them on the Express, again, to hold the price down.
If they based them on the far more expensive Wingmaster, the price would have been up with the Police models, and therefore, just about priced out of the market.

When you make as many 870's in as many variations, and for as many years as Remington has, things get REALLY confusing, and it's hard to follow what's what.
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