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Belgian percussion shotgun

Serious question, who here would entertain occasionally firing an old Belgian Damascus barrel shotgun with moderate black powder loads? I know condition will mean a lot, but assume that there is no major pitting and looks to be in serviceable condition? I don’t think I would fire the modern breech load with shell types, unless possibly with a 2.5” BP shell. But is it reasonably safe to fire a muzzle stuffer using BP and avoiding insane charges. I know Belgian shotguns of the mid-latter 19th century are quite hit or miss (most likely miss these days from what I’ve read). So who would occasionally fire one if it seemed to check out ok? I have found a WM Moore that is in rough shape for a good price, but I think it’s too far gone to shoot. Alternatively I’ve found a Belgian piece that is much cleaner for a smidge more. I’ve a hankering for a side by side percussion shotty and would like to find one while they’re still pretty cheap.
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