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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
Since when does economic sense have anything to do with the purchase, care and feeding of firearms?
Yes, you're absolutely correct, however, the 'Queen' after almost 47 years of wedded bliss, is tolerant of my shooting hobby only to a point and should I dare to cross it, I'm in trouble. With my collection being on the large size already (I have 8 leverguns alone and handload for 16 calibers; 9 rifle and 7 pistol) I have to watch things carefully.

As I've justified my handloading setup, a recent upgrade from my Dillon XL650 to an XL750 with Casefeeder, 14 Toolheads, and all the bells and whistles, taking on a caliber I can't handload for is a risky proposition at best, suicide at worst.
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