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I'd say measuring the most intact portions of the bullets would be the only way to tell with any degree of certainty. If one is 8mm and the other .303 Brit diameter, then there you go.

It's also possible that they are both the same size. Bullets tend to fly about and sometimes the one that hits you is from your own side.

"No bullet could penetrate another bullet like that without the "target" bullet having a very solid support, and if it did, it would be severely damaged and/or blown well away by the impact.
While this is often true, its not always true. Bullets strike with varying speeds, and "spent" or "nearly spent" bullets have often struck targets just hard enough to stick in them, or dent them and bounce off...

One of the more well known examples of a spent bullet was Adm Kimmel being shot while watching the Japanese raid on his fleet at Pearl Harbor. A bullet shot him, breaking through the glass of the French doors of his HQ, and struck him in the abdomen, then fell to the floor. Every account I've read describes it as a Japanese 7,7mm bullet, and it likely was. But it COULD have been a US .30 bullet instead, and done the same thing.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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