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Sorry I didn't get back. I don't remember exactly, but I had my permanent camping spot next to the pistol shack, so long as I paid in advance each year for the spring and fall shoot. I can still remember a bi-centennial parade celebrating the founding of our nation, going right by my camping spot, so that was what - 1975. We'd shoot pistol all day and trap with a shotgun I made at night. Then a year or two latter they wanted my spot, and a couple of others, for day parking. That's when I got moved over on the first row through the gate up front next to all those greats. Bill Large was quite a character. The association was unhappy with him because he didn't believe inlines should be allowed to shoot down there. He claimed the NMLRA should only promote [ as it said inside the front cover of Muzzleblast ] hammer guns. He was one of the original founders of the association. I used one of his barrels in a fullstock Hawken flinter I made to tie for first place in the Silhouette Rifle match. We shot 50, 100, 150, 175, and 200 yards offhand. Back then there were about 1800 shooters and all six rows of " commercial row " was full. We'd shoot pistol all day, and trap or visit vendors till late at night.
Jack Lewis had a booth down there for years and years. He once made one of his pistols in 54 cal for a guy who lived out west. He wanted the same cal as his Elk hunting rifle. He broke is leg the week before the hunt but went anyways to be the camp cook. Well, everyone went out hunting he he stayed back by the camp fire playing with his pistol. He said a big 6x6 bull walked almost right in camp, so he shot it. The others came back that night and couldn't believe their eyes. I better shut up, could go on and on.
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