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I've been watching ammo review videos demonsrating through chronograph and ballistic gel testing that a lot of factory 10mm ammo is loaded so lightly that it ends up performing closer to .40S&W including the Magtech, PMC Bronze, and Hornady Custom ammo I have been carrying in my 10mm. I bought a 10mm handgun, not a .40S&W. I want 10mm performance, I don't feel like thats asking too much of an ammunition manufacturer.
I agree.

Anyone have any recommendations for factory 10mm ammo that is actually loaded to full power? * * *
See linky here:

180grns @ 1375fps is a near-max load, which is sufficient to send the .40-lovin' weenies on this board running for the Safe-Space Room at the nearest Starbucks. A max load is right at 1400fps for that bullet-weight, and hardcore 10mm reloaders have no issues getting there.

As general matter, any 10mm ammo from UW, BB, and DT will be real-deal 10mm, not the diluted crapola from the Big 3 mainstreamers.

That said, if you want real but also reasonably-priced 10mm for range/practice/training usage, velocity with the ubiquitous 180gn FMJ bullet needs to be at least 1250fps or better.

Thankfully - and especially thanks to some recent vetting by 10mm users on YouTube - the 10mm 180gn FMJ ammo from Sig, Magtech, and either S&B or Fiocchi (forget which) meets that velocity standard.

No need to get pants anymore by paying good money for so-called "10mm" factory ammo that returns only downloaded .40-performance out of the pricier 10mm case.

Edited to add: By the way, Hornady boosted it's 10mm 180grn XTP-HP ammo from its former low mid-range-ish velocity of 1180fps to 1275fps, putting it squarely into real 10mm territory.

Here's the link ... and note that Hornady clearly designates this ammo for personal defense:!/
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