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I've been shooting 10mm since it first became available. Looking at some of the major manufacturer ammo produced now days, I can see why some shooters might look at 10mm and wonder, "why bother"?

Some of the smaller manufacturer, "Boutique", ammo mentioned by hook63 might be what you're looking for. It's been a while since I chronographed the CorBon, and I don't know, with the new owners and all, if current CorBon ballistics are similar to that I chronographed some years ago. More recently, I chronographed some Buffalo Bore and Underwood 10mm.

Buffalo Bore 180 grain in a 5" revolver averaged 1306 FPS. Underwood 165 grain averaged 1338 FPS. FWIW, Winchester 175 grain Silvertip averaged 1147 FPS, and the old Norma 200 grain load averaged 1211 FPS. Velocities in a 5" semi-auto were not significantly different. That hotter Federal 10mm load hook63 mentioned appears to be more hunting oriented. Velocity of the Federal 180 grain bonded load in the Lucky Gunner tests was 1200+ FPS, but it didn't expand and penetrated 32" of gelatin.
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