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Which manufacturers make 10mm factory ammo that isn't watered down?

I've been watching ammo review videos demonsrating through chronograph and ballistic gel testing that a lot of factory 10mm ammo is loaded so lightly that it ends up performing closer to .40S&W including the Magtech, PMC Bronze, and Hornady Custom ammo I have been carrying in my 10mm. I bought a 10mm handgun, not a .40S&W. I want 10mm performance, I don't feel like thats asking too much of an ammunition manufacturer...

Anyone have any recommendations for factory 10mm ammo that is actually loaded to full power? I do have a box of Atomic Ammunition and Liberty Civil Defense that have gotten good reviews but apparently thats all I really have in my inventory for my 10mm that isnt essentially just overpriced .40S&W...
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