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IME, pull weight is a balance with creep feel on semi-auto pistols…. Creep is a “feeling” caused by loose fits, sear engagement and sear angles.

In general, highest complaint level comes from creep, followed by pull weight. So most trigger designs are set up to provide a safe pull with little creep and reasonable pull weight.

Traditionally hammer fired guns have sear and hammer in the frame. Those should be fairly tunable provided decent parts are available.

I say decent parts because MIM(very common) parts edge chip when you try to file a crisp edge on them. You get close, then a chunk falls off. I wonder if someone knows how to work with mim yet?? This will be a limiting factor.

Real hardened steel parts with close fitting pins can be set to very light safe pulls.

In a typical rifle trigger, you have a double sear basically. Essentially you have a sear holding the striker back. You also have a primary sear internet to the trigger. That plus high precision real steel parts are how you get down to 1.5 oz!

IME striker pistols have 1 sear surface where 1/2 is in the slide and 1/2 is in the frame. This makes sear release full of slop. Even with high polish, decent steel, and good angles, the slop and flexy frames make it feel mushy.

Actions by T used to do a lot of this work. Not sure if Teddy is still around. I wonder if he ever taught anybody all he knew about slicking up actions. He was said to be a magician with the lesser known actions!

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