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Originally Posted by Forte S+W View Post
This is my I've never been found of Beretta's "Bruniton" (Teflon) finish, it's just a glossy version of the non-stick coating on frying pans which scratches just as easily.
Beretta could have and should have replaced it with a more durable Cerakote or Nitride finish a long time ago, yet they continue to use Bruniton to this day, even on their higher end Pistols.

That's why, if I were to buy a new Beretta 92, then I would sooner opt for either an Inox (Stainless Steel) model or one of the M9A3 models with a Cerakote finish.

CeraKote is [emoji90].

They should (I would) Melonite the slide then PVD coat the slide.

I’m contemplating having mine done in this fashion.

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