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People's situations are different.

If you have older teens, or people in your household that are working night shift or something... you can't just shoot anyone who is sneaking around.

You might end up shooting your own kid who is getting a midnight snack or something. Or shoot your daughter's boyfriend who is trying to sneak out - although maybe he deserves to get shot

People's situations are different and I suppose we could do scenario spinning ad infinitum.

I know for my situation - if someone is in my house they are not an acquaintance, friend, family member or neighbor.

My house is made of normal drywall with hollow spaces in between. I really have no good cover anywhere, and I think yelling out “Who goes there?” or “freeze !” or something like that is just going to put me in danger.

I’m not trying to lay a trap for anyone, and if someone is trying to bust down my door from outside the home, I’m all for shouting and advising them that I am armed and calling the police… but if they’ve gotten into my home, I’m not a big fan of revealing my location. I have no idea how many intruders or their locations. For me, I think it’s just a recipe for getting shot.
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