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Depends on where you live. Some states have no problems with you opening fire on someone in your own house if they don't belong.
Castle law varies from state to state depending on how the statute is written or what the legal precedent is. For example, in Texas, I must know that someone: 1)forcibly and 2) unlawfully entered my home before the protections offered by Castle Doctrine kick in.

A neighbor checking on me/the house because they noticed the door to the house had been forced open, or a firefighter or police office responding to a wrong address, would be just two examples of people not entering forcibly and unlawfully.

And to look at it from another angle... I've been in a force-on-force scenario where I was standing 5' away from a grown man who was speaking to me fairly loudly and all I heard was "garble wabblke blah warble gabble!" Was that "Don't shoot, it's your neighbor Bob!" of "I am going to make you eat that pistol!" I couldn't tell you. Auditory exclusion is one of the commonly reported side effects of a big shot of adrenaline. You may well see a silhouette and hear shouting or speech that you can't identify.

Personally, I think any plan that revolves around shooting an unidentified target has a bad foundation to it.
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