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I see some have clearly stated that they would perforate anyone in their home, uninvited, citing the laws allowing them to do so.

That is an easy thing to type.

Now imagine that someone is in your home: you see a silhouette, fire 3 rounds of your .45 at centre of mass and he/she goes down. Dead. You acted legally but later find out that there was a perfectly inoccuous reason for his/her being there.
Perhaps not justified or logical, but benign and explainable. Say, out of state locksmith got back home to his/her friend's place late from a night on the town: got the wrong house, wrong floor etc...

Before anyone states that this "would never happen", saying that there is no conceivable reason for someone being in your home with neither an invite nor criminal intent is like sayin that there is no chance of you having an AD/ND because you practice the 4 rules.

My point is that if you do imagine feeling remorse at killing someone who made a mistake and meant you no harm, perhaps it is wise to apply rule number 4 and identify the target as hostile first...

I can well imagine that I would feel pretty devasted till the end of my days.

Food for thought.
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
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