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What is a fair price for these magazines?

Please, not asking for bids/offers here.

I feel comfortable buying or selling between the former prices and the crazy high prices. For instance. I did buy a certain pistol magazine for $35 before the craze. Now they are going for $100. I'd be a buyer at $60-70.

So what would a fair price for buyer and seller be for:

BX-25 magazines? $50-$75?
PMag? $30?
PMag Gen 3? $40?

Is trading a good idea? Most of us who arent fully stocked or scrambling are heavy in some categories light in others. Would be nice if we could all trade straight across without money getting involved.

Please don't look at me like I'm trying to "get over". I sold something recently at a gunshow for a couple hundred less than I could have got but didn't want to take the extra time and just didn't feel comfortable selling it for me.

I'm not some do gooder, not sure if its a Karma thing or what. I've done the same with used cars. Honestly part of it is just wanting to move what I'm selling but at the same time I am happy when I feel a good/fair deal was made on both sides.
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