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I found one from the first issue in my price range that is in good shape, but not perfect. The Colt mark is nice and clear. I won't feel too bad if I make a modification or two, although I will be certain they are done by the best if I do have modifications done. I don't suppose Colt's custom branch will work on one of these...

I asked a few questions concerning general condition of the gun and received satisfactory answers. No picture can show lock up or similar, but the person selling says it is good and I they seem to know what they are doing and are from a fairly reputable organization.

I asked to see a photo of the rear of cylinder to check for peening and two were provided along with a short message.
This early model did not have counter bored or recessed chambers so the hammer would not strike the rear of the cylinder even if a cartridge was absent. One warning that has been published about shooting these particular models was NOT to use high speed .22 long rifle cartridges for fear of a rim burst since the rim is not encased in the chamber.

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