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I never ever had to clear a tunnel, Thank God! We found a few base camps in the mountains of the Highlands and searched quite few villages in the flatlands and rice paddies,,,but I was usually assigned OP, Observation Post, as you almost always set up a defensive perimeter whenever you stopped..and when not on OP we either did not find any tunnels or I was not ordered or assigned to that duty.

The Officers and some of the NCO's and the Grenadier, guy who carried the M-79 grenade launcher carried the old warhorse 1911's and that must have been what the guys who searched the very few tunnels that we found used....Allthough I saw other handguns in other units,,,in our company I only recall the 1911.

The Grenadier had to have one the M-79 Grenade launcher was a single shot and the round did not arm itself until out about 15 yards although being shot with a 40mm round that did not explode would still ruin your day...They also had an insert for the M-79 grenade launcher that would fire 12 guage slugs or buckshot but that was single shot also thus the need for the 1911.

I really enjoyed lamarw's post on the D7 Caterpillar Dozer method,,,now that is the way to take care of things!!!
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