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I have not read all posts, but offer the following comments based on several of the early comments in this thread.

It should be possible to purchase a used Leupold 4x on eBay w/o too much hassle. Even a vintage M8 will suffice for a great deal of typical whitetail hunting. Leupold offers a lifetime warranty on their products, no questions asked re used or otherwise, if the scope goes down, Leupold will fix it.

The problem with a vintage USA made Weaver K4 or other vintage Weaver is that if it goes sour, there are few options , if any, for repair. There was at one time an outfit or two that would service the old USA Weavers and Redfields, I am uncertain if they still operate. Last I checked, a decade ago, turnaround was huge and cost had skyrocketed.

Finally, the OP states his existing 4x M8 is on his defensive AR rifle. I would respectfully suggest that is not an optimal choice. There are circumstances where the magnification would be useful but the inability to use the rifle /optic in poor light, or in great haste up close and personal severely handicap his AR as a defensive weapon. My advice would be to remount the 4x on his hunting rifle, and consider a red dot or a low power illuminated variable for the AR. Vortex offers affordable (sub $200) versions of both. Burris had a 3x illuminated optic that might serve, I cannot advise model. A functional budget compact
non magnifying red dot from Bushnell or Primary Arms can be had for sub $150 if intended for light duty and cared for.
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