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GunBroker is a strange animal, for sure. I, too, have seen some guns brand new be listed at the “Buy It Now” price set at retail or very close to it. I have also seen $0.01 starting bids and they go SKYROCKETING above the other one. Guess the allure of starting at a penny draws people in like moths to the flame. I try to do my research before bidding. I will bid up to what I think it is worth (even if it is retail) and then cap my bidding. If I get outbid there, I go try my hand at the “Buy It Now” version to see if they still have it before someone else snatched it up.

The sales tax thing and the added clerical fees are a damper, for sure. I will still use it once in a blue moon, and I burn so much spare time perusing the listings. Almost, almost like a necessary evil.
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