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First off, thanks for all the replies!!
I'll try to address in order:
Copper cleaner was Bore Tech.
The increase in group size was over a summers worth of hunting chucks and range practice. Thought it was either me or the scope at first.
I did a check of all screws and nothing was loose.
Bullet is a flat base 70 gr Hornady SXSP at max COL 2.71 which was where the load shot nice groups from starting at 2.65
These #2415's are no longer avail but have 4 boxes left so going to stick with them.
I called Ryan my "smith" and will be dropping it off Friday after work for a look see with his bore scope. Good suggestion by the way... having a trained pro look things over.
I do have some good memories from the fields that this rifle was shot over and the bragging rights it accrued on those 300 yrd bets made.
Round count was estimated from adding up the past load cards (x 20 rnds each) kept in the die box. Some cards may not have found their way home and there was a period of years that our travel sports schedule kept me away weekends so it was just a guess.
With both kids now out of the house I'm finding new places to hunt, new people to go with and time to shoot more.
We'll have to see on seating these SXSP's out further, with the flat base there was not much holding them at 2.71 so I never loaded the magazine, always hand fed one at a time.
Brother in-law wants me to buy a 22-250 so I can get dies and load for him too.
Not a direction I want to go right now.
At this point I'll wait for Ryan's comments next week when I stop by.
Again thanks to all.
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