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There can be a difference between "hunting" and "stopping".

Its not particularly rare to find a rifle and a shooter that can hit a prairie dog or groundhog at 250 yards.

Its not particularly difficult to study the anatomy of the critter you are hunting to know where to place your shot. Thats enough accuracy potential.

The Hunter has the luxury of deciding "Am I sure?" Am I steady?" Do I have the shot? "Do I squeeze,wait,or pass?"

If its decided that you an make the shot. there are good bullets and loads for the .308 that will take about anything in North America. But remember,part of that equation is having the option to pass up the shot. I've seen a 308 drop a bull bison just fine. Big critter. The 308 does fine on elk. (You spec'd 250 yds)

But,IMO, the job of "stopping" is a bit different. More can go wrong. Its not particularly optional. Its more like self defense. You still have to disrupt key anatomy.That might mean breaking all the major bone structure between the entrance and exit wound.

You will have to realistically decide what scenario you are likely to face.

Different strokes for different folks, but if the .308 is "not enough" its likely time for the 375,or any of a number of creative solutions.(Benelli 12 gauge.or 45-70 Marlin, or a 20 round semi-auto 308.... all fun navel gazing.)

I have recommdnded 165 to 168 gr Ballistic tip/Accubonds from a 308 for three Fathers taking teen son for first elk. All three one shot clean kills in the boiler room ,longest shot reported 300 yds. If it works,its not wrong.
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