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AH. OK, I think I just found the confusion...

"It's loaded in the longer case, and will not function in later Colt & S&W revolvers chambered in .455 Webley and made for Canada during World War I. "


Colt supplied New Service revolvers to the Canadian government for police use prior to World War I. These were not military purchases.

Those were chambered in .455 Eley (long-case .455 Webley, aka Mk I).

Ammunition for those revolvers was sourced commercially, not through Canadian military contract. Ammunition loaded for military use in Canada was loaded in the shorter Mk II case.

During World War I the Canadian military contracted for the purchase of revolvers from both Smith & Wesson and Colt.

S&W's revolvers were chambered for the short, Mk II and later, .455 Webley cartridges.

I do not know if Colt chambered its Canadian military contract revolvers for the .455 Mk I length cartridge or whether it chambered them for the shorter Mk II length cartridge.

Colt may, as a matter of expediency, simply bored its chambers straight through allowing both the Mk I and Mk II length cartridges to be used. I simply don't know.
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