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"But US and Canadian .455 put smokeless in the long case and ".455 Eley" Colts are chambered for it."

Yes, but they're all still .455 Webley. Later Mks of .455 military ammo will all chamber and fire in a .455 Eley marked (and unmodified) revolver without problem, as will .450 Adams.

.476 Enfield cartridges may also chamber in Colt & S&W revolvers, but may not if they have tight dimensions.

The point is, however, that if someone has .455 Webley ammunition, no matter which Mk standard its loaded to, it will chamber and fire in revolvers marked .455 Eley.

And, finally, there's also .455 Colt ammunition, which was primarily loaded by Dominion in Canada for the .455 Eley-chambered revolvers. It's loaded in the longer case, and will not function in later Colt & S&W revolvers chambered in .455 Webley and made for Canada during World War I.
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