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Cool old gun, and it's in very nice condition. I owned a couple New Service revolvers years ago (a commercial 44-40 and a M1917). The guns were used by the USMC as the M1909, and by the US Army and Navy as the US M1917. Canadian RCMP used it as well.

The 455 Eley chambering was fairly common in surplus guns, and many people wanted a 45 Colt, so all you had to do was ream the Eley chamber to 45 Colt. Some New Service revolvers were through bored and didn't even require reaming, just plunk a 45 Colt in and start shooting (you see this on early Colt M1917s as well).

If the rim size becomes an issue, you can try some 45 Cowboy loads, the rim is slightly bigger to allow better extraction in double actions like the 45 Schofield guns.
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