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The .455 Eley was a cartridge of British use (go figure) dating from 1897 and within bore diameter tolerances of the U. S. dimensions of .45 Colt. (Close enough to function well.) It has been in the past nearly impossible to obtain in the U. S. It is more available now, but not on every gun shop shelf (in normal times) and not made to my knowledge in the U. S.

The revolver was issued to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP or 'Mounties') after WW 1. The Colt New Service was the same revolver that was the Colt version of the U. S. M1917 revolver in .45 ACP. It is remembered as a robustly build gun, fairly reliable except for the timing wear issues and hideous double action trigger pull endemic to Colt revolvers.

I've seen and heard of a number of these (RCMP) revolvers with the same altered chambering. I surmise any number were imported to the U. S. when phased out by RCMP. Then converted to .45 Colt as a matter of convenience.

Not sure of the collector value. I would expect a New Service collector would be more interested than a rifle collector.

The .455 was a revolver cartridge and had a fairly healthy rim. The .45 Colt has a rather small rim and could be expected to slip past the extractor star on occasion.

Acceptance stamps. I'm sure the Canadian govt and RCMP had their own marks and protocol. In addition to any stamps affixed by the British govt and Army.
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