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Originally Posted by RC20 View Post
Spare barrels are a bit more complicated than drop in.

Solid Mfgs I would recommend are Shilen and Criterion. I have a Shilen and its top notch, Criterion from reports seem to be equal. I would stay away from XC, EACO has barrel at a pretty low price and people generally seem to like them, so that is a how much do you want to put into it? Shilen runs around $350 (and no threads)
RC20,Why do you say stay away from X-Caliber barrels? The ones that I have shoot extremely well.

I've used almost every brand of aftermarket Savage threaded barrels (Cut & Button rifled) on around a dozen Savage,Shilen,and American Rifle Co. actions and have never had a "bad shooting" barrel from anyone shooting tuned hand loads.

Shilen,McGowen,Criterion,E.R.Shaw,and others offer very good shooting Button Rifled barrels in the $300 - $400 range. offers premium brand Cut Rifled barrels for Savage pre-fits in the $500 - $600 range.

In my experience,both types of barrels can be equally as accurate,but a Cut rifled barrel will shoot longer strings of shots before accuracy falls off from getting dirty,and they clean up faster and easier than Button rifled barrels.
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