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I'm really not seeing the outrage here. IMO, the main bad guy in the story is the "friend" who called and made the report. It sounds likely that the police never even saw the picture in question. Like it or not, they have no choice but to take these things seriously. We can't say for sure whether or not they overreacted unless the transcript of the call is released, but considering that this "friend" was upset enough by the picture to make this call is it really that hard to believe that they'd throw a good bit of embellishment into their report?

The only real fault I see in the police conduct is the child services person refusing to identify themselves. Get as angry all you want about the request for serial numbers and so on, but there is nothing whatsoever in the Constitution that prevents LEOs from asking about every detail of your life or ripping your house apart if you consent to a search - it only prevents them from taking that information by force unless they have a warrant.
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