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Whats being glossed over is that one of their "friends" on FB thought this was an issue enough to sic child protective services on them.
Okay, enlighten us. What is your point?

What do you mean these kinds of attitudes are the problem? We're talking about being careful what you post on the internet, not don't teach your kids safety. Not seeing where you got that from.

I think what might be meant is the attitude of fear, that what you are doing is going to be used against you and therefore you should not do it.

I do not believe that is a good attitude to have. I don't disagree withe being careful and guarding your privacy, but damned if I will be made to be fearful for doing something which is not wrong.
No, its not fear of having a picture like that (the wife had a similar thing as her cell phone screen saver for years). Its putting it on FB, or more precisely putting anything on FB.
I think you are missing the point entirely.
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