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IF affirmed on en banc, or if en banc is declined, there is a substantial probability that the case will be appealed to the Supreme Court
Like heck there is.

If the grabber side wanted a "carry case" at the Supreme Court they would have appealed Moore v. Madigan instead of allowing IL to go shall-issue.

"Losing" Chicago to the pro-gun side was an enormous blow for the bad guys. In a year or two when crimes drops in Chicago and "blood doesn't run in the streets" what are they going to say?

Why did they agree to the loss? Because the "Heller 5" were still there. Still are NOW.

The grabbers aren't going to appeal a loss for their team in Peruta to the Supremes. To en banc, yes, absolutely. Unless Kamela Harris is just...incredibly stupid.

Their side needs to delay a carry case until Obama or his successor gets a chance to replace a Heller 5 justice. Our side needs to hurry it up before that happens.
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